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About P. media and art and Ann Pettersson

Mobile: +46 76 847 66 66
Mail: info@pmediaandart.se
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Below are details for P. media and art.
Which companies, shops, people and animals
that I work with and I have worked with.



The company:
In P. media and art, I (Ann Pettersson) manufacture all products in cooperation with local business owners to have materials and expertise nearby.
Glass and its cutting is delivered by Gnesta Glass.
I do the sandblasting myself, except for larger pieces such as shower walls or doors. For that I cooperate with Valla Blasting in Katrineholm.


My products are available to order/purchase
Directly from P.media and art.
Gammelgården at Hofsnäs Herrgård - seasonal sales.
Önskebrunnen - store in Gnesta. (Some of my products).
Trosa Å-café - beautifully situated cafe in Trosa. (Some of my products).


Businesses and shops that I have had co-operation with:
Designtorget (stores in Stockholm)
Astra Zeneca (Web-shop )
Lin & lera (Trosa)


All photos taken by Peter Berglund.
The animals in the photographs are:
Flat coated retriever male (larger dog): Neo
Flat coated retriever female (smaller dog): Ronja
Half Persian cat: Theodor
The animals have been cooperative (with bribes).


Made by me in Dreamweaver.



Mobil: +46 76 847 66 66